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Rigging and Lifting Services

At Premier Cranes & Rigging, we provide a range of lifting and rigging services in Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our company believes in and delivers a solutions-based, client-focused approach. Since we started in 2008, we have worked everywhere from small builder sites to state-backed projects, performing straightforward lifts as well as tricky manoeuvres with care and efficiency.

Regardless of the job, our team of motivated and passionate crane and rigging professionals thrive on challenges. We have selected and trained our workers to be skilled riggers and operators who, as experts in their field, are able to resolve issues on the ground quickly and collaboratively. We are able to seek alternative solutions to reduce installation timeframes and provide cost savings to our customers. These attributes provide a point of difference in a competitive industry. Our performance has enabled us to establish a strong reputation and build strong long-term business partnerships.

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Why Choose Premier Cranes for Lifting & Rigging Services?

Complete Project Management Support

Our projects and engineering team support our clients in the planning and development phases of their projects to ensure the successful completion of key deadlines. The best possible lifting solutions are recommended and tailored to individual project requirements – providing the necessary drawings and compliance documentation critical to the approval process.

For the best visualisation of your lifting scenario we use: AutoCAD, 3D Modelling, Satellite Imagery, and Architectural/ Engineering Drawings to assess and calculate. We work closely with our clients to provide cost effective solutions alongside a safe installation. This process ensures that each lift is carefully managed and falls within safe lifting capacity parameters. This is invaluable for safety studies, obtaining council permits and guiding engineering requirements.

At Premier Cranes & Rigging we work hard to fast track your project in the most efficient and safe manner. From the moment we receive your initial request to final delivery, we endeavour to ensure there are no unnecessary delays and work relentlessly to achieve your deadlines.

Full Network Coverage

We can provide a range of all-inclusive lifting solutions – from 3 tonnes to 600 tonnes – with the depth of fleet to make a real difference. This means there are no limits to what we can do or the industries which we serve.

Premier Cranes & Rigging constantly upgrade and refresh our fleet, providing our clients with access to reliable lifting equipment operated by our team of specialised experts around the clock. Our 24/7 specialised crane services are available to help at any site, anytime throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. We are always on call for end-to-end lifting and night works.

Dedicated Crane Crew

We understand the importance of our clients executing their projects safely, on time and to budget. Our dedicated crane crew have worked across diverse industries, projects and government funded developments. Whether you are in need of a crane to unload materials and equipment, dismantle a tower crane, lift bridge beams, install precast panels or erect steel, we have the expertise, experience and equipment to deliver safe and effective lifting solutions.

At Premier Cranes & Rigging, understanding our clients’ key challenges is our priority. This allows us to recommend and develop solutions to ensure works are completed safely and efficiently to strict project deadlines. Our dedicated crane crew provide complete management from start to finish, ensuring quick turnaround to exceed expectations. We understand the complex nature of civil, rail, energy and construction projects and have the expertise and equipment to meet all challenges.

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Our Behaviours And Values

Our purpose is to be the first choice for all-inclusive lifting solutions with a clear focus on engineering, compliance and exceptional service. As we grow and evolve, we will strive to do the safe and right thing by our people, customers and communities. Our values define what we stand for at Premier Cranes & Rigging and are at the core of everything we do:


Transparency. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver outstanding results in an honest, clear and transparent manner with “no surprises”. We understand sustainable relationships are built on trust and reliability.


Respect. We embrace openness, teamwork, diversity and relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our people work alongside our all stakeholders in a respectful and professional manner.


Safety First. Health and Safety comes first. Our guiding purpose is to exceed all expectations in a safe, responsible and efficient way. We schedule regular consultations with registered OHS auditors to ensure we uphold best practice in safety.


Innovative Solutions. Understanding our clients’ key challenges is the key to recommending and developing industry first solutions. We always say yes and look for a win-win solution.


“Can-Do” Attitude. We relentlessly pursue the best result for our clients and stakeholders. With a “can-do” attitude and focusing our efforts on the things that matter most, anything is possible for our people and business. Understanding our clients’ key challenges is the key to recommending and developing industry first solutions. We always say yes and look for a win-win solution.