Crane Hire Frequently Asked Questions

I only have limited space. Will a crane fit?

We have a full range of cranes that offer the versatility to allow us to satisfy your lifting requirements. Whether it be a crane required for urban areas or you require a crane for all terrains, we have options available for you. Alternatively, we have specialist cranes for more unique lifting requirements.

If you have any PDF plans of the project, we can work out which crane is the most suitable with the space available. We can also make an onsite assessment to determine which crane can perform the job satisfactorily.

Providing a suitable, hard standing surface for the crane is the responsibility of the hirer. Depending on the crane hired, you may be required to confirm the Ground Bearing Capacity in advance. If the ground is incapable of meeting the satisfactory loading capacity, we can supply oversize steel support plates to help reduce loading. Utilising these plates will be dependent on whether there is sufficient space available to support their use for the job. The supply of these steel plates would be at an additional cost to you.
With that said, the majority of our cranes are supplied with ground support and the utilisation of steel support mats is a standard practice for cranes in excess of 80t.

All of our crane operators are certified professionals that have proven industry experience and are trained to the highest standards. All of our crane operators are reliable and adhere to all OHS site requirements. Our expectation is that all of our employees follow strict operating guidelines whilst remaining flexible in their ability to work around specific site regulations.

Unless otherwise specified by a qualified representative of the electricity company who supplies that area, cranes must remain further than 5-6 metres from the closest power lines. This distance can be reduced upon the advice of engineers who may recommend earthing the crane. Alternatively, power may need to be diverted temporarily or a new area be established for the operation of the crane.

All our cranes must be supplied with an operator and any dry hire would be at the absolute discretion of management after negotiation.

We have a 24 hour anytime, anywhere service which can assist in the recovery of trains, fallen excavators, containers and the like.

Yes we do. Our 20t bubble cranes are able to access even the tightest of worksites.

We have a full range of equipment to assist with the most difficult rollover.

Our cranes come with a maximum reach of 110 metres and we have smaller cranes available for customers who have smaller requirements.

We are able to arrange traffic management if required. Simply let us know when you book in your hire and we will arrange the rest for you.

We service all of Metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding areas. If you are unsure. call us on (03) 9311 1499 to find out.

Yes we do, full crane compliance packs, including insurances and SWMS are all inclusive

If we are unable to assist you over the phone using our advanced satellite images we are happy to inspect the site to ascertain the most effective way to complete your lifts.