Premier Cranes steel erection

Structural Steel Installation

At Premier Cranes & Rigging, we take pride in our state-of-the-art structural steel erection equipment and methods. Our team can assist in an array of structural steel processes, including construction, alteration, repair, maintenance, demolition and dismantling.

Our Process

Structural steel is an integral part of many construction projects. The quality of a steel erection is often representative of the core of the structure. To ensure outstanding results in an area of construction that can be logistically complicated, we take extra care with every step of the construction process, driving it towards completion.

At Premier Cranes & Rigging, production and safety goes hand in hand. Before starting on any project, we utilise CAD plans and Tekla models to fully understand the intricacies of the works. This enables us to generate comprehensive Sequential Erection Procedures (SEPs) that outline the most efficient yet effective erection methods.

In addition, to visualise a complete skeleton of the project, we also provide full site plans detailing crane location and positioning, personnel requirements, unloading points, storage areas and safe access to work areas.

If required, we are also equipped to supply day labour hire all the way through to site completion. Our end-to-end erection solutions include set-out, steel erection and onsite steel modification.

Do you do small steel erection?

Yes we do – We have a number of cranes that are suited for small steel erection including our 16t Tadano Bubble Crane.

Why Us?

We boast an impressive portfolio of past experience. Having erected a multitude of structures including major airports, high-rise buildings, prisons, schools and hospitals, the commercial capabilities of Premier Cranes & Rigging are unrivalled.

At Premier Cranes & Rigging, we have three primary aims: timing, accuracy and safety. Not only are we capable of meeting proposed deadlines, we are committed to maintaining the accuracy of each project. In what is unavoidably a high-risk industry, we pay special attention to minimising risk exposure; our unique systems ensure the safe and efficient erection of any structure.

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