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Industrial and Plant Shutdown Works

A plant shutdown is an important temporary closure of operations to perform necessary preventative and routine maintenance. This can ensure that machinery is operating efficiently and safely to set up for long-term success.

Premier Cranes & Rigging offers clients across industries an effective shutdown concept, prioritising safe and efficient turnaround for industrial shutdown projects using our results driven approach. 

Completing the required works during plant shutdowns can be complicated. As many plants are not designed with shutdowns in mind, each stage requires thorough planning and precise execution. The maintenance works duration can directly impact overall plant profitability so it is crucial they are completed in a timely manner.

Our Industrial Shutdown Process

We offer a thorough consultation service to our clients to comprehensively and collaboratively plan each step of the industrial shutdown process. This is to ensure that shutdowns are completed both accurately, correctly and on time.


Premier works with you to develop a detailed plan of the shutdown in advance to ensure that there is a clear outline of the scope of works that need to be completed. As a result, this will  ensure accuracy in estimating completion times and allocating the right resources to each operation. Throughout the plant shutdown works, our team remains involved in your project to achieve transparently assured results.


Alongside planning what needs to be done during the shutdown, it’s vital to consider when and how long each task is carried out. We can help you carefully schedule the shutdown to ensure that the budgeted time frames are optimised for the most efficiency so you’re back to normal operations in no time with minimal disruption!


Our onsite field crews can assist you in managing the execution of disassembling of the machinery and maintenance requirements across the shutdown project, including lifting that may be required for inspecting and repairing any machinery parts.

Why Choose Premier for Industrial Shutdown Jobs?

At Premier Cranes & Rigging, understanding your goals is our priority. This allows us to develop the right plans to ensure works are completed within the allocated time frames. Our skilled crews show up prepared with the right mix of equipment and can-do attitude to provide start to finish lifting solutions and overall project management.

When you engage with us for a plant shutdown, we offer high-quality client support through our 24-hour on-call service and on-site engineering and fabrication capabilities. We make sure you’re fully equipped to successfully carry out the shutdown without a hitch. 

Call the Premier Cranes & Rigging Operations team on (03) 9311 1499 to chat with us about your project requirements or submit an enquiry via the contact us page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Shutdown Works

What is a shutdown project?

A shutdown project is an extended outage of a plant to complete dedicated maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment. A planned shutdown helps to ensure that everything is operating safely and efficiently, maximising production and preventing potential risks from damaged machinery.

An industrial turnaround is a major and highly planned event that involves routine inspection and maintenance of equipment. A shutdown can be an unplanned event that requires all equipment to be shutdown due an unexpected circumstance such as a power outage or failure of some kind.

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