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Specialist Rigging Services

With a team of highly qualified trade-based riggers, dogmen and panel installation specialists we combine the industry’s best practices with an extensive skill-set and the highest quality cranes and lifting equipment. This guarantees we deliver a professional crane and rigging solution that is unique to your construction project and most importantly safe, effective and efficient.

With multiple depot locations, we operate across Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our rigging specialists have a diverse experience gained from working across various sectors of the construction and building industries, including commercial construction projects and large scale infrastructure works.

With a highly diverse and qualified workforce, we have the ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing requirements of job sites. Every project undergoes a complete and comprehensive risk assessment to identify any potential challenges and ensure the safest execution with minimal disruption to other sub contractors. Whether you need rigging services to install precast concrete panels, erect structural steel or require a more custom lifting solution, contact the team at Premier Cranes today!

Our Rigging Process

When you hire Premier Cranes & Rigging, you’re hiring a team of rigging experts that deliver innovative lifting solutions which adhere to the highest safety standards. Our team of riggers are highly qualified and have experience working with cranes that have a lifting capacity of 5 tonnes to 450 tonnes. Some of the work delivered as part of our rigging services include:

Developing A Comprehensive Lifting Plan

Before our team of riggers and operators arrive on site , the very first step in the Premier process is collaborating with you to understand your unique lifting requirements. With your input, our team of engineers will develop a comprehensive lift plan including the necessary lifting equipment, which will then be reviewed by our field team to ensure it can be practically applied onsite. The lifting gear is always inspected and tagged before the lift at our facility

Moving in the cranes

Once our rigging team arrives on the job site, their first thing they do is ensure there is a safe location to set up the crane as per the lift plan. Once confirmed, we organise transport such as semi trucks that carry the load or lifting equipment.

Next, the rigging team will mark out the bogmats in order to safely set up the crane. Once the crane is set up, the rigging team inspects the lifting gear, load and lift plan to ensure it is safe to lift the load and all compliances are met.

Monitoring Environmental Conditions

Before, during and after the job, our team will monitor the site and environmental conditions for any risks or hazards that may jeopardise the safety of our personnel or other contractors. 

Why Choose Premier for Rigging Services?

When you choose #TeamLifting, you can expect cutting edge technology and expertise acquired over 12 years of industry experience. We have a diverse fleet of cranes and rigging equipment to suit any project, from large scale construction to smaller job site lifts. 

The Premier Cranes and Rigging team is different to other crane companies as we offer a unique trade-based approach onsite. We also provide overall project coordination to streamline efficiencies to ensure the job is done on budget and on time. We’ll work closely with you to determine your specific lifting requirements and work as a team onsite to successfully meet your lifting & rigging operation needs. 

Since 2008, we have worked on government and large scale commercial projects to ensure safe, efficient and quality rigging across Victoria. Contact us today for all your lifting & rigging solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rigging Services

What does a rigger do?

A Rigger moves heavy objects through utilising cranes and rigging gear such as chain blocks and winches. Riggers may also assemble temporary and permanent structures such as structural steel and precast panels. If the Rigger is classed as intermediate they are licensed to hook up, rotate and install Precast concrete structures, move and assemble pre–cast facades and panels on buildings under construction. They can also perform ‘dual lifts’ meaning they can use more than one crane to perform a lift when required. Read more about a Riggers role here.

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