Premier Cranes lifting a car


Meet our Business Development Team!

(Most of) The Premier Business Development Team – pictured here: Shaun Porter​, Damien Lee, and Jason Sorrenti. Absent team members: Karl Suranyi, Matt Clark, and Sam Zhang. At Premier, our…

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How to Hire a Crane Online

Hiring a crane can be a complicated process with lots of unknowns. From the size of the crane you need and the additional equipment you will require, to the specific…

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What is a Franna Crane and Why Use One?

If you’ve ever hired a crane or spent a second searching around cranes, then you’ve probably heard the term Franna Crane. It’s a strange word and while obvious to anyone…

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Using Mobile Cranes in Dangerous Weather

Operating mobile cranes in inclement weather conditions can not only risk potential damage to your equipment, but also injuries to anyone working. This is why at Premier Cranes & Rigging,…

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How Do Cranes Work?

Cranes serve an essential role in building and construction applications. These, often large, machines lift, lower, and transport heavy objects. Cranes come in different forms for different functions. They can…

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Importance of Crane Load Testing

Cranes can lift anywhere from 3 to 600 tonnes and more. Shifting those massive amounts of weight takes precisely tuned engineering and an experienced operator aware of the importance in…

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