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Crane Hire for Railworks

Site smart managers deserve lifting solutions they can trust, not problems, right?

Rail work projects are undoubtedly complex and costly, hence it is crucial that crane operations are done in an efficient and safe manner to achieve successful results for all relevant stakeholders. 

Premier Cranes has strategically deployed a diverse and compatible fleet of cranes by the most reputable manufacturers across the world, to suit all rail work lifting requirements.

Combining our high-quality crane fleet with our large and scalable workforce, we are set up to achieve excellence in occupation works!

 Whether you need rail maintenance or entire level crossing removal solutions, we are set up with the right knowledge and equipment to partner with you and deliver quality works on time and on budget.

We Focus On


We are dedicated to providing lifting solutions in line with Australian safety regulations and the guidelines set by Work Safe.

Taking things a step further, Premier has a dedicated in-house Safety supervisor that is involved in the planning and execution of all rail works.

Moreover, we have invested in Rail Industry Worker (RIW) inductions so that there are no delays in getting the field crews working onsite once your project has begun.

Occupational Health & Safety:

At Premier Cranes and Rigging, the safety of personnel and equipment onsite comes first. 

We are aware of the various dangers surrounding crane operations, and we are dedicated to ensuring a safe working environment. 

This is why we not only follow and keep-up-to-date with all occupational health and safety guidelines, but we also proactively work on continuously improving our OH&S policy and performance. 

A testament to our promise towards safety is our recent ISO 45001:2018 accreditation for OH&S Management Systems.

Engineering excellence in planning

With an extensive team of in-house Engineers, your lift plans are developed with practical application in mind. 

No site conditions are too complex for our experienced planning team who will stay involved throughout the entirety of your project to ensure the job is completed successfully. 

Our engineering team also has strong capabilities in risk assessment, site surveys, and lift studies. 

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Railworks Services

Level Crossing Removal & Bridges

Cranes has contributed to projects with VicRoads, Public Transport Victoria, and Metro Trains Melbourne to ensure their projects were delivered safely and successfully.

Level-crossing removal projects involve eliminating intersections where roads or pedestrian paths cross railway lines at the same level. These projects typically require extensive construction work, including excavation, piling, and the use of heavy machinery. With so many factors to take into consideration on major projects, we allocate a Leading Hand to collaborate with clients and keep them in the loop at any stage. Premier can provide the necessary cranes and equipment for heavy lifting and moving large structures, as well as other services such as personnel lifts, forklifts, rigging equipment, and transport services to ensure the safe execution of the project while managing tight deadlines.


Line Upgrades

Rail line upgrades refer to the process of modernising existing railway infrastructure to enhance safety, efficiency, and accommodate changes in transportation demands. Premier Cranes specialises in providing essential support for rail line upgrade projects, including specialist rigging, heavy lifting, and transport services for the installation or replacement of tracks, bridges, and other components.

Rail Duplications

The construction of rail duplications makes public transport much faster and more efficient for the general public. The project itself can be time intensive with various moving parts, but with the right mix of people and equipment from Premier Cranes, together we can achieve results to be proud of! 

Planning & Fulfilment of Heavy Lifts

Rail line upgrades refer to the process of modernising existing railway infrastructure to enhance safety, efficiency, and accommodate changes in transportation demands. Premier Cranes specialises in providing essential support for rail line upgrade projects, including specialist rigging, heavy lifting, and transport services for the installation or replacement of tracks, bridges, and other components.

Night Works

Night works are essential to completing projects on time with minimal disruptions to day rail operations and the local community  However, they can add a layer of complexity due to applicable regulations. Premier Cranes and Rigging is operational 24/7 with a proven track record across night works. 

Specialist Rigging

Worried that your materials can’t be lifted? Don’t be – at Premier Cranes and Rigging, we offer specialist rigging services for your unique materials. With boiler making as our backbone, no installation is too hard to complete

Project Management

No more micromanaging your contractors! Premier is breaking barriers by taking a project management-led approach at a subcontractor level! Rather than just doing the lifts, we are here to stay involved throughout the entirety of your project. Because our clients’ success is our success.

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Why Choose Premier Cranes and Rigging For Your Railworks Project

RIW Compliant Workers

The team members at Premier Crane and Rigging are all compliant with the rules and regulations of RIW (Rail Industry Worker), so you can rest assured that your site is safe and running smoothly.

Versatile Fleet

At Premier Cranes and Rigging, we house a large fleet of diverse equipment to cater to the needs of your next railworks project. Our heavy capacity cranes allow for you to efficiently manage materials and equipment

Scalable Workforce

Our large and scalable workforce is set up for occupation works such as rail projects.With an  in-house team of experienced engineers will work closely with you and your team to ensure that you achieve your lifting goals, and complete your rail project properly.

In-house Logistics

Onsite transport movements have never been easier! With an dedicated logistics department, we support rail works through the delivery or removal of overdimensional loads, materials, other heavy haulage services and overall transport coordinations

Railworks Experience

The Premier Cranes and Rigging team has previously assisted in railworks projects across Victoria, so we can bring an experienced team to your next rail lift. Our fleet has worked on level crossing removals, along with the construction of new railway stations

Learn more about how the Premier team has made these projects possible

Ormond & Rosanna Station Railway Level Crossing Removals

The level crossing removals at Ormond and Rosanna railway stations was a project that Premier Cranes and Rigging helped complete for VicRoads, Public Transport Victoria and Metro Trains Melbourne. 

The Premier team was able to utilise our versatile fleet of cranes to contribute to the major transport integration of this railway line by removing the level crossing at Ormond Station. Likewise, the level crossing removal at Rosanna station allowed for further safety throughout the railway line through the contribution of Premier Cranes’ fleet and team.

Williams Landing Overpass Project

The Premier team contributed to the completion of the Williams Landing railway station construction for VicRoads, Public Transport Victoria and Metro Trains Melbourne through our professional and experienced team.

This project changed the effective travel in the area, making it easier to travel by the overpass. Through Premier Cranes and Rigging’s assistance in the construction of this station, the Palmers Road overpass was extended. Our team was able to effectively manoeuvre materials to successfully complete this rail project. 

Crawler Crane



Find the most efficient type and size of crane you need for your job with our one-of-a-kind Crane Calculator. Alternatively, call
(03) 9311 1499 and a friendly and knowledgeable staff member will be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Railworks

Does Premier Cranes have a diverse enough fleet for my railworks project?

At Premier Cranes, we house a large and versatile fleet of cranes and heavy duty vehicles to ensure that you can complete your project efficiently. We have large cranes up to 350 tonnes and 450 tonnes to accommodate your heavy lift needs, as well as smaller Frannas for for your pick and carry needs. 

Premier Cranes and Rigging provides more than just premium industry equipment. We provide contact and accessibility to our expert and experienced team, who are all well-versed in heavy lifts such as railworks projects. Our dedicated in-house logistics team, as well as our full time in-house OH&S supervisor are also here to guide you through your project.

The Premier Cranes team is passionate about Occupational Health and Safety, and compliance with relevant industry standards such as the ISO 45001:2018 accreditation for OH&S Management Systems and other documentation. We ensure that every one of our projects are performed safely and to our highest standards, and this is through being sufficiently resourced within our staff and safety regulations.