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Precast Concrete Panel Installation

Specialising in precast concrete panel erection, tilt up panels, precast beams and more, the experts at Premier Cranes & Rigging can fulfill all precast panel work from high-rise structures to small commercial developments.

How our precast panel installation process works

For a secure concrete panel erection and construction of tilt-up concrete elements, the pre-planning process is crucial. To determine the most efficient and cost-effective panel delivery and erection schedule, we employ CAD software to generate lift studies to visualise the most suitable scenario for your job. 

For more complex precast panel installations, we also use Sketch Up software to provide a three-dimensional view of the project, along with propping recommendations.

Our concrete precast wall panel installation and erection services include the supply and fixing of:

Precast Panel Propping

Our team will carefully consider and provide the necessary props needed to ensure the precast panel is securely positioned before installation. We will utilise wall props that won’t damage or mark the panels.

If required, we can provide anchor or lifting fixing systems to secure the precast panel before or during the installation.

We can provide the packing shims needed to level or angle the precast panel before it is grouted into position.

With a team of expert grouters, we can provide a stable base for the panel to land on with our grouting methods. Whatever the specifications of your job, we can prepare the right specification of grouting to ensure proper sealing of the joints.

Used to seal the panels, we utilise quality materials to caulk precast panels that ensure they exceed all required pull testing and other regulatory requirements & compliance for warranties and guarantees.

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Why Choose Premier for Precast Panel Installation?

With industry-leading technology and a team of lifting & rigging experts, Premier Cranes is the best option for precast wall panel installation and erection in Melbourne. Whether your panels are made from concrete or other materials, we can handle the entire installation process from planning and site preparation, to installation, erection and caulking. 

Since 2008 we have worked on government and large scale commercial projects to ensure safe, efficient and quality precast panel installations across Melbourne. Contact us today for all your lifting solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions about Precast Concrete Panel Installation

What are precast concrete panels?

Precast panels are highly engineered construction pieces that require expert knowledge and a safety-first approach to install. For secure precast erection and construction of tilt-up concrete elements, the pre-planning process is crucial.

For a majority of installations, each precast panel is supported to the building structure independently using components and anchors typically made of steel. Joints are then inserted between each precast panel and filled with sealant to allow for expansion and contraction due to weather in order to prevent cracking and damage.

There are four key types of connections used to join precast panels:

  1. Beam-to-slab connections
  2. Beam-to-column connections
  3. Wall-to-frame connections
  4. Column splices
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