Our History

Premier Cranes & Rigging provides clients with unparalleled service through safe, consistent, and all-inclusive lifting solutions.

The Premier story – is like many in the industry, and then with a twist.

It involved a couple of mates who saw an opportunity to start their own crane business in Melbourne, Australia.  

Over time they realised that the business was driving them and not the other way around. The solution was to identify and introduce more effective business management processes.

The business directors, Steve Warton and Matt Clark turned to their trusted team of employees for the answers.

Both country boys from Western Victoria and great mates, Steve and Matt played football together and relocated to Melbourne.

Their careers took different directions… Matt worked in the crane industry – driving cranes and Steve project-managed in the telecommunications industry for infrastructure projects.

Just before the GFC hit, Matt decided to work for himself.  He’d arranged his own finance, purchased a crane, and found some work!

At a loose end and through redundancy, Steve decided to ask his mate if he would teach him the ropes.  Matt agreed and Steve jumped on the tools and got his tickets.

That was the beginning of the Premier Cranes & Rigging story.

The partnership grew based on friendship, trust, respect, and recognition.  They each brought unique capabilities and skillsets to the business.

Together they were a strong force to reckon with.

Over the next 12 years, the business grew. It reached a size where Clark and Warton recognised the need for structure. And scalability was critical.

“We could see we needed to get our ‘one percenter’s right.  The focal point remained on always saying “yes” then delivering no matter what it took. Our people dug deep and fought along with us, but it wasn’t sustainable” claims Steve.

“It’s clear in our people’s job satisfaction and in the clarity in their roles. This is incredibly rewarding. Our team has been open to the changes. They have responded well, and they are open to accepting more responsibility. We are bringing a critical and innovative culture to everything we do. This operates under the ‘#TeamLifting’ banner” adds Steve.

Premier is #TeamLifting

The ‘#TeamLifting’ notion encourages everyone at Premier to work together. We rise together by lifting others. We motivate individuals to look at what they’re doing and ask, ‘Is that #TeamLifting?’ If it isn’t in alignment, they’re inspired to work together to revise so it fits with our “#TeamLifting’ approach. Everyone wins.

Matt Clark leads the team with a client-centric approach.

“We’ve been working with the same clients small and large for a long time, some have been with us since we started the business. For me, client relationships are crucial to any business. Without them, there is no business” claims Matt.

“We’ve worked hard to instill a ‘can do’ attitude across the whole organisation.  Our clients are paramount. They come first. This ensures everything we do adheres to the “#TeamLifting’ approach.”

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