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Crawler Cranes

For projects across Melbourne and Victoria that require the unmatched precision and strength of a crawler crane, look no further than Premier Cranes & Rigging. Our state-of-the-art crawler crane can be configured based on the specifications and needs of your next project lift by our team of experienced engineers. Not certain which crane configuration suits your project best? Use our user-friendly Crawler Crane calculator for an instant price estimate according to your project needs.

Designed for stability, Premier’s 350T Crawler Crane is equipped to evenly distribute weight, ensuring safety even with hefty loads. Enhanced with a superlift for optimal balance and multiple configurations for customisation, it can travel onsite with loads, offering unparalleled flexibility. Suitable for diverse environments, we ensure that wherever your project takes you, our crane is right there with you.

Our Configurations

Why Choose A Crawler Crane For Your Next Project?

Crawler cranes have a number of features and advantages that set them apart and make them great for a wide range of projects. A crawler crane has an upper carriage matted onto a crawler undercarriage, and also features treads. Due to its shape, a crawler crane is highly stable and doesn’t require additional stablers, even in challenging conditions. The upper deck and attachments of a crane crawler can rotate 360º maximising its movement and range of applications. 

Crawler cranes can be equipped with a box or lattice type straight boom and it may be further enhanced with an optional jib (such as a boom extension). With a range of attachment options, including grapples, clamshells, and specialised crane hooks, every lift is secure, efficient, and tailored to the specific load.

  • Highly Adaptable: Due to their distinctive design and smaller size, crawler cranes are best suited for jobs which require 360° movement and heavy lifting like building construction or in large assemblies. They offer flexibility and can optimise its range of movement for diverse tasks.
  • On-site Versatility: As crawler cranes have treads, they are able to work on almost all types of ground and work conditions, from smooth, even grounds to challenging, uneven surfaces. Even if you are lifting on uneven or tricky terrain, you can rely on your crawler crane to handle the job. 
  • Easily Transported: Crawler cranes are attached to a tracked vehicle, allowing them to easily move and transfer from one place to another. They can be transported or moved throughout your site, ensuring the crane is positioned optimally for the lift. This capability makes handling multiple lifts possible and highly convenient with crawlers.