Revolutionising Crane Hire: Discover our Unique Crawler Crane Calculator

At Premier Cranes, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to create user-friendly solutions that save you time and money. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our ground-breaking Crawler Crane Calculator, the first of its kind in the industry.

Our 350-tonne crawler crane, an integral part of our fleet, offers unique capabilities depending on the configuration used. Recognising this, we’ve engineered a state-of-the-art calculator designed to guide you in selecting the ideal configuration for your project.

Decoding the Crawler Crane Calculator

The Crawler Crane Calculator is designed to eliminate guesswork in choosing the optimal set-up for our 350-tonne Liebherr crawler crane. This game-changing tool enables you to input your lift specifications, such as the radius and load weight, and receive immediate expert advice on the configuration best suited to your project.

Drawing on the technology that powers our popular Crane Calculator, which has already assisted over 6,000 customers in making informed decisions, the Crawler Crane Calculator offers even more precision. It doesn’t merely guide you on the type of crane to hire, but goes one step further by suggesting the specific configuration of the 350-tonne Liebherr best suited to your needs.

The Crawler Crane Calculator is not just a planning tool, it’s your trusted advisor, providing you with precise, data-driven recommendations at your fingertips.

Bonus Feature: Instant Price Estimates

Not stopping at configuration recommendations, our Crawler Crane Calculator also offers a bonus feature: instant price estimates. Once you’ve determined the best configuration for your project, you can immediately request an instant quote (calculated on a minimum requirement basis). This allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of how our crawler crane will fit within your project budget.

While the calculator serves as an excellent pre-planning indicator of your crane requirements, we always recommend you to include your contractors in the early planning stages. This ensures alignment with available equipment and helps to avoid unnecessary expenses, guaranteeing efficient project execution.

The Future of Crane Hire and Project Planning

Our Crawler Crane Calculator represents more than just a technological innovation; it provides direct, tangible benefits to our clients.

 The ability to instantly determine the optimal crane configuration can significantly increase efficiencies in project planning. Plus, with instant access to price estimates, budgeting and financial planning become more precise.

Moreover, this tool facilitates improved communication with contractors and more efficient use of resources. By doing so, we help to minimise project delays and cost overruns.

Experience the future of crane hire with our unique Crawler Crane Calculator and simplify your next heavy lift! Visit our calculator here.