Empowering #TeamLifting: Premier Cranes Doubles Up with Second LTM1450

At Premier Cranes, we believe in the power of our people, complemented by our state-of-the-art cranes. We’ve always known that ‘one is good, but two is better,’ and in line with this philosophy, we’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our fleet – our second Liebherr LTM1450. 

This acquisition further strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients and is a testament to our progressive thinking and our dedication to empowering our team with #TeamLifting at the core of everything we do.

The Power of #TeamLifting

Our company culture is designed to deliver high levels of client fulfilment. It’s not a marketing strategy, #TeamLifting is at the heart of our business. It governs how every member of the Premier Cranes’ team views their role and the importance their contribution makes to the continual quest for client fulfilment.

Our founders, Steve Warton and Matt Clark, started Premier Cranes over a decade ago. Today, it is a progressive thinking organisation with a decentralised management structure that empowers employees. 

Every day at every level of the business, team members make decisions, and with each decision, the first question they ask is, “Are we putting the Client first? How will this benefit them?”

Doubling Up: The Second LTM1450

The addition of the second LTM1450 to our fleet is a significant step forward in our commitment to delivering the best results for our clients. 

This 450-tonne mobile crane, known for its robustness and manoeuvrability, is designed to satisfy heavy lift requirements. Despite its size, it can travel on public roads to and from the job site, making it an ideal choice for major infrastructure projects.

The LTM1450 complements our existing fleet, which has been carefully selected to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

With this new addition, we are better equipped to handle larger projects and offer a broader range of services while ensuring availability when our clients need it. As the saying goes, ‘one is good, but two is better,’ and with two LTM1450s, we’re ready to take on even bigger challenges and deliver superior results.

Our People: The Heart of #TeamLifting

At Premier Cranes, we believe that our cranes complement our people, not the other way around. Our team is our greatest asset, and we strive to create an environment where they can thrive and deliver their best work.

Our #TeamLifting ethos encourages a can-do attitude among our team members, fostering a strong and cohesive team that consistently delivers high levels of service. 

This approach has proven to be successful, with our teams continually exceeding client requirements.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. With the addition of the second LTM1450 crane, we are well-positioned to take on larger projects, bigger lifts and further expand our services.

We are committed to continually evolving our approach to client satisfaction, examining the way we do things, and striving to deliver consistently high-quality service. 

Our goal is to foster the #TeamLifting notion and show our clients that we are invested in their projects, even after we have won their contract. We want to set the standard for the contractual relationship between builders and contactors in the ever-evolving construction industry, where margins are minimised – because everyone should be a “winner”.

In conclusion, at Premier Cranes, we are not just about lifting loads, we are about lifting standards, lifting expectations, and most importantly, lifting each other to reach new levels of success. 

The addition of the second LTM1450 to our fleet is a testament to this commitment, and we look forward to the opportunities it will bring. 

As we’ve always believed, ‘one is good, but two is better,’ and with two LTM1450s, we’re set to reach new heights.