Introducing our biggest crane yet, the LTM 1450-8.1!

We’re proud to unveil our newest and largest crane to date; The Liebherr, LTM 1450-8.1, 450 tonne mobile crane!

From the 20t Franna (AT20) to the 350t crawler crane, we’ve always provided a vast range of different cranes for hire, but this is our biggest crane to date. With a huge 85 metre telescopic boom, the option to extend with a folding or fixed jib, and an additional 84m luffing fly, the 450t crane is the epitome of cutting-edge crane. The careful thought out design of this crane was intended to maximise mobility to enable compatibility with a wide range of transport weights and axle load versions were.    

“Seeing a crane of this size, designed to travel with the boom and counterweight on while having the capability to lift heavy loads at a high reach is truly impressive. Having this crane in the Premier fleet, truly gives our heavy lift clients more flexibility in their projects.” 

Easy to transport and set up

Normally, a crane of this size can create headaches regarding set up areas and changes in the crane configuration. However, that’s not the case with the LTM 1450-8.1. Even with its impressive height and lifting capacity, this 450t crane is efficient and relatively easy to transport and set-up on site. The LTM 1450-8.1 can travel on designated public roads with the 12-tonne axle load carrying the telescope boom as well as all of the outriggers and complete hoist winch. 

Flexible and versatile

The LTM 1450-8.1 has a combination of VarioBallast and VarioBase technology which enables it to be incredibly flexible and adjust to your working conditions and load. With the VarioBallast, the 450t crane can quickly modify its radius to suit restricted working environments or make use of its full lifting capacity by adapting to a larger radius. The VarioBase on the LTM 1450-8.1 enables you to extend any individual crane outrigger without compromising safety due to the LICOON controller’s load moment limiter. 

Highly powerful 

This 8 axle crane is renowned for its impressive lifting capacities which is powered by a single engine. This intense power doesn’t come at the cost of the environment, as using the crane in ECOmode reduces the fuel consumption by up to 10%. 

Ideal for your next project

Thanks to the 450t crane’s high reach, easy set-up and powerful lifting capabilities, it is suitable for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Tower Crane Erection OR Dismantle
  • Bridge Beam / Mega Beam Installation
  • HVAC
  • Telecommunication Tower Erection OR Dismantle
  • Wind Farm Projects

Ready for use

The Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1 450 tonne mobile crane will be available from January 2023 for wet hire across Victoria. You can learn more about the crane here or call (03) 9311 1499 and we will help you plan your next construction project.