LR 1350 SDWB 87 Deg

350t LR 1350 SDWB 87 Deg

Boom Length Max Lift
Radius Track Foot Print Central CWT Rear CWT Super Lift CWT CWT Radius
S30m - 84m W24m - 60m 190t 11m-64m 9.7m x 8.4m 8t-38t 85t - 125t 200t Max 10.3m-16.3m

Choose between the LR1350/1 SDWB 87 Deg or SDWB 77 Deg configurations based on your project needs. Both configurations feature a main boom, luffing fly, Derrick system, and adjustable superlift tray and can lift at a different angle.

The SDWB 87 Deg configuration excels in optimising lifting capacity and reach in height. With an increased angle of 87 degrees, it provides enhanced vertical reach and flexibility, making it well-suited for demanding lifting operations.

Meanwhile, the SDWB 77 Deg configuration optimises reach in radius, making it ideal for projects requiring extended horizontal reach. It handles lifts over obstacles with precision, offering excellent adaptability to various site conditions.

Experience the power of the LR1350/1 SDWB configuration combined with our skilled team. Contact us at (03) 9311 1499 for successful outcomes on your next major project.


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