LR 1350 S2

350t LR 1350 S2

Boom Length Max Lift
Radius Track Foot Print Central CWT Rear CWT Super Lift CWT CWT Radius
18m - 84m 300t 5m-76m 9.7m x 8.4m 38t 85t - 125t - 7.1m

The LR1350/1 in the S2 configuration is one of the most popular 350t crawler crane configuration choices for Melbourne-based builders.

With a heavy main boom and swift setup times, it ensures maximum hook time, boosting productivity on construction sites. Whether you're lifting heavy loads or handling intricate tasks, the LR1350/1 S2 delivers outstanding performance and efficiency.

Call us on (03) 9311 1499 to find out how you can experience the power of the LR1350/1 S2 configuration combined with our skilled team, for successful outcomes on your next major project.


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