LR 1350 SLDB

350t LR 1350 SLDB

Boom Length Max Lift
Radius Track Foot Print Central CWT Rear CWT Super Lift CWT CWT Radius
30m - 120m 200t 7m-104m 9.7m x 8.4m 8t-38t 85t - 125t 210t Max 10.3m-16.3m

The LR1350/1 SLDB configuration offers a powerful combination of both heavy and light booms, along with the integration of the Derrick system and the superlift tray.

Another benefit of this configuration is the adjustable superlift tray equipped with Hydraulic Compensation Cylinders. This feature allows the superlift to move in tandem with the crane, enabling it to avoid barriers or existing structures on the construction site.

The R1350/1 SLDB is designed to overcome obstacles while maximising efficiencies on major projects. Call us on (03) 9311 1499 to find out how you can experience the power of this configuration combined with our skilled team, for successful outcomes on your next major project.


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