LR 1350 SL

350t LR 1350 SL

Boom Length Max Lift
Radius Track Foot Print Central CWT Rear CWT Super Lift CWT CWT Radius
24m - 102m 200t 5m-88m 9.7m x 8.4m 38t 85t - 125t - 7.1m

The LR1350/1 SL configuration provides Melbourne-based builders with a distinct advantage through its versatile options for heavy and light boom sections.

The heavy boom is specifically engineered to handle substantial lifting capacities, making it an ideal choice for projects involving heavy loads within a close radius. On the other hand, the light boom sections are designed to excel in far-reaching applications, at a lower lifting capacity.

With the LR1350/1 SL, builders have the flexibility to select the boom that best aligns with their unique lift requirements to deliver exceptional lifting capabilities and successful results.

Call us on (03) 9311 1499 to find out how you can experience the power of the LR1350/1 SL configuration combined with our skilled team, for successful outcomes on your next major project.


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