70t Beam Installation, State Library Station

Project Summary

Client: CYP Design & Construction (CYP D&C) / Metro Tunnel Project

Location: Corner of Swanston & La Trobe, Melbourne CBD

Crane: LTM 1450 - 8.1

Project Overview

70t Beam Installation, State Library Metro Station

CYP Design & Construction Joint Venture (CYP D&C), has been contracted to design and build the tunnels and stations for the Metro Tunnel Project, engaged Premier Cranes for the installation of 70t beams at State Library Station, a new Metro Tunnel station in Melbourne's bustling CBD.

An intricate task like this required a dual lift between Premier's Liebherr 450t crane & General Cranes tower crane.

This collaboration highlighted our shared commitment to precision, safety, and efficiency.

Challenges & Solutions

Following the elaborate lift plan developed by CYP D&C, Premier’s Field Crew of Operators and Riggers, executed the required scope of works regarding the installation of 3 x 70t concrete beams at the site of the new State Library Station in the CBD.


As we can all imagine, navigating a heavy lift crane like the LTM 1450 - 8.1 in Melbourne’s CBD was no walk in the park.

Careful planning and coordination were required to secure permits, including a NHVR permit, ensuring safety of the general public, and compliance with heavy vehicle regulations.

Preparations were also made for a possible Over Dimensional Load permit (ODL) in case the crane needed to cross over the tram lines, although the crane's innovative and compact design negated this need, unlike most other cranes of such large lifting capacity.

Project Logistics

With CYP D&C having already completed the groundwork in regard to planning, Premier’s main challenge was mobilisation into a busy site and project logistics.

However, the strong partnership and effective communication between Premier and CYP D&C ensured expectations were met regarding the site conditions, which allowed for smooth navigation through a cleared pathway and therefore fast setup times.

As a result the scope of works was completed successfully.

Slew Area

Due to existing structures and suspended ground in the slew area of the crane, the lift plan advised the slew / place radius of 24.6m +/-11 degrees.

Premier's diligent operator, backed by our skilled team on the ground communicating through radios, successfully performed the dual lift, in synch with General adhering to the exacting slew radius.

Sequence of Operations

Premier’s 450t mobile crane carefully entered the site under the existing tower crane and once local traffic had temporarily stopped in accordance with local traffic management, we dual lifted the load off the truck together with the tower crane and installed it at 24.6 radius with 37.2m boom and full counterweight.

This featured lift is a testament to Premier Cranes' commitment to delivering excellence in complex urban environments in the rail infrastructure sector.

The success of the CYP D&C beam lift underscores Premier’s capabilities in handling heavy-lifts while ensuring maximum safety and efficiency with minimal impact to local communities.

We are grateful of our client - CYP Design & Construction, for their collaboration and trust in our expertise.

Their meticulous planning laid the groundwork for a seamless execution, further solidifying Premier's reputation as a go-to provider for heavy-lifts for rail infrastructure projects in Victoria #TeamLifting #MetroTunnel