390 Favco Tower Crane Dismantlement

Project Summary

Client: HP Cranes & Multiplex

Location: Corner of Geelong & Ballarat Rd.

Crane: LTM1450-8.1 with 45.5m Luffing Fly and LTM 1060-3.1

Project Overview

390 Favco Tower Crane Dismantlement

Premier Cranes was tasked with the challenging dismantle of all ten tower cranes at the new Footscray Hospital site, marking a unique achievement as the only site in Australia to manage that many tower cranes simultaneously.

The dismantle of the Form 700 390 Favco tower crane demanded meticulous planning, given its A-frame height of 75m, which required the significant reach from our Liebherr 450t mobile crane

The upcoming Footscray Hospital is set to take over from the existing facility on Gordon Street, constructed in the 1950s. With its doors opening in 2025, the hospital is designed to meet the increasing demands of the rapidly growing population in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The project's complexity was heightened by several factors:

  • Our 60t Liebherr mobile crane was initially used to assemble the 450t slew crane safely.
  • With a tip height of 91.6m and operating at a 24m radius, the crane had to lift and maneuver the main boom over the existing hospital building, landing at a 44m radius.
  • Maneuvering tower crane sections, some 4m wide, within a confined work area posed a significant challenge.
  • The positioning of outriggers was critical. Where they were placed on the building side, capping beams were identified and prepared. This setup was crucial for ensuring stability by applying direct load pressure onto the piles, a testament to the intricate engineering and planning involved.

Upon liaising with MPX and RBG to identify the most practical setup location for the LTM1450-8.1, we collaboratively took a strategic approach towards the lift planning & execution:

  • The crane setup boasted an impressive boom reach, combining a 42.5m main boom with an additional 45.5m of luffing fly, enabling us to overcome the site's spatial constraints.
  • The crane setup on top of capping beams was a strategic decision, allowing us to maximize stability and lifting capacity within the confined space.
  • Utilising 104t counterweight at a 6m radius further supported the cranes stability and lifting capacity.
  • Premier’s 60t Liebherr mobile crane was deployed to rotate the tower crane sections with the LTM1450-8.1 before placing them onto the trucks for removal.

This operation not only highlighted the importance of partnering with a crane hire company that has a diverse and high-quality fleet of cranes but also our innovative approach to overcoming project-specific challenges through meticulous planning and safe execution.