Wharf Fender Removal - Premier Cranes Delivers Practical Lifting Solution

Project Summary

Client: Marine and Civil Maintenance

Location: Port of Melbourne | Web Dock East Birth 5

Crane: 60t Truck Mount & Prime Mover with Oversized Load

Project Overview

Wharf Fender Removal – Premier Cranes Delivers Practical Lifting Solution

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Following damage on the port fenders due to a vessel malfunction, Premier was engaged by Marine & Civil Maintenance to remove the damaged fenders. Once the Port has completed the repair works, Premier will return to assist with reinstallation.

CHALLENGE: Fender is the interface between the ship and the wharf, providing protection against impact.

As Fenders are partially submerged in water, special safety measures were required to ensure the safety of the personnel and equipment, such as life jackets and specialised inductions.
The removal of the Fender is classified as inshore lifting, Permier's team considered the potential marine growth as well as the dynamic force amplification may cause by the sea water and factored it in the overall load calculation.

SOLUTION: Although the original plan was to land the fender straight onto the truck as per the manufacturer's design, during execution this method was deemed impossible as the load would not align with the orientation of the truck. Instead, the team decided to rotate the load using the crane’s auxiliary hook before landing it onto the prime mover.

Premier continues to provide practical lifting solutions to complex requirements, to deliver transparently assured results on each job.