Our Fleet of Mobile Cranes

Westgate Tunnel Project

Project Summary

Client: CPB/John Holland - Joint Venture

Location: Westgate Freeway

Crane: All Cranes in Premier Fleet

Project Overview

Gantry Removals – Westgate Tunnel Project

CHALLENGE: The Westgate Tunnel Project project was significant for its scale and the magnitude of planning required. We were responsible for the engineering, transport, removal, disposal and cleanup of 149 gantries in an operation in which we worked extensively with a number of major stakeholders including Transurban and traffic management to minimise the disruption caused by major arterial road closures during nightworks.

OUTCOMES: In order to ensure the success of this operation, we worked with our client CPB/John Holland Venture during six months of careful planning which included engineered lift plans. Throughout the operation, our construction manager Travis Smith was on the ground to ensure that all plans were clearly understood by our crane crews and executed to the letter. As a result, we were able to significantly exceed the planned removal of 115 items and in fact remove 149 items during the allocated work schedule.