West Gate Tunnel Project – TBM Seal Rings

Project Summary

Client: CPB/John Holland - Joint Venture

Location: Westgate Freeway

Crane: All Cranes in Premier Fleet

Project Overview

West Gate Tunnel Project – TBM Seal Rings

CHALLENGE: The premier team were responsible for the dual lift of the seal rings for the tunnel boring machine (TBM). This lift was complex as the rings had an offset centre of gravity. Due to its heavy 57 ton load, we had to design a solution where we could transfer the load from a two leg rigging arrangement to a four leg arrangement.

OUTCOMES: In order to ensure the success of this operation, we used hydraulic lifting rams to rotate the seal rings at the correct angle for insertion into the entrance of tunnel. Once the seal ring was at the entrance - Premier Cranes & Rigging then installed the seal ring in place. Two cranes, a 220T crane and a 350T crane, were used during this lift.