Water Treatment Plant Installation

Project Summary

Client: CPB Cranes

Location: West Gate Tunnel, Southern Portal

Crane: Liebherr LTM1220 crane

Project Overview

Water Treatment Plant Installation

CHALLENGE: The container in the photo was required to support a flat rack with 2 pumps which were installed in order to treat contaminated water. Working under high-voltage (HV) powerlines meant that Premier had to keep a much larger clearance than the 6.4 meters, which is required for low voltage power lines. The HV required clearance of 10 meters, in combination with having to execute such a heavy lift, which made the job quite challenging.

OUTCOMES: Premier collaborated with the client to identify the exact lift distance. More specifically, we had to establish the height of the power lines and the distance to the installation point. Based on those numbers, our planning team came up with an engineering-based lift plan that restricted the boom movement and the crane picked up the load from the truck and slewed it to the installation.