W3 Gantry Removal

Project Summary

Client: CPBJH

Location: West Gate Freeway - Williamstown Off Ramp

Crane: LTM1250

Project Overview

W3 Gantry Removal

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Premier recently worked with the ITS team from CPBJH to remove the W3 Gantry from the West Gate Bridge.

This structure stood with an 8-metre high column and a 35-metre long beam, weighing 10 tonnes.

To perform the lift, Premier’s crew expertly attached the right lifting gear and used oxy cutters to detach the gantry from its base.

The Crane Operator then skilfully lifted and rotated the gantry, while the Riggers directed the load using taglines - To ensure stability upon landing, timber was strategically placed at the edges of the gantry.

CHALLENGE: The project called for meticulous planning and coordination as it unfolded in a challenging environment – an active freeway.

The need for a temporary closure demanded precise scheduling and swift execution to minimise traffic disruption.

Additionally, the constrained space meant that initially only one lane was available for project logistics and equipment delivery - This required exceptional truck movement coordination by Premier's logistics team.

Limited information on the gantry, which had been constructed back in the 1970s, posed another challenge. Without clear information about its exact weight, it was vital for us to ensure the safety of the operation.

Premier's engineering team stepped in, conducting a thorough weight estimation analysis - This crucial step confirmed that the Liebherr LTM1250 crane was fully equipped and safe for the lift, even after accounting for the necessary safety allowances.

Furthermore, Premier also assisted with the setup of towed light towers, an element that had to be carefully planned and executed under the direction of the Site Supervisor - This task was crucial in ensuring visibility and safety during the night-time operations.

Each challenge presented an opportunity for Premier to demonstrate its adaptability, precise coordination, and commitment to safe and efficient work practices.

SOLUTION: With our adept planning capabilities, engineering excellence, and experienced crew, we effectively managed these aspects of the project.

Our logistics team coordinated the necessary equipment delivery and ensured a seamless operation despite initial lane availability constraints.

Safety was a prime focus during the night time operations, with the team donning white uniforms for visibility and towed light towers set up on-site.

The W3 Gantry removal operation showcases Premier's commitment to providing tailored solutions, regardless of the lift scenario - It's another testament to Premier's ability to deliver timely and safe lifting solutions.