Unloading 60t Generators

Project Summary

Client: Kapitol Group

Location: Cawley road Data Centre, Yaraville

Crane: 250t Liebherr Mobile Crane

Project Overview

Unloading 60t Generators

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Premier recently collaborated with Kapitol Group for a time-sensitive project at their Cawley Road Data Centre.

Tasked with unloading two x 60t generators that arrived ahead of schedule, Premier's expert team worked closely together with the Client to deliver exceptional efficiency and precision.

CHALLENGE: During the initial inspection, Premier's crew discovered that the generator's lifting lugs required further actions to ensure they met the required Australian Standards before lifting.

Additionally, the unique load shape required meticulous attention to the rigging setup.

With limited time and a live car-park environment, our team needed to develop a solution that ensured both safety, compliance, and minimal disruption.

SOLUTION: To tackle the tight deadline, Premier appointed our dedicated Solutions Manager - Rhys Chambers to oversee the project and guarantee safe, timely completion.

Our in-house engineering team worked closely with the Client to confirm ground-bearing pressures, develop lift plans, and select the appropriate crane and lifting equipment.

They also carefully evaluated multiple crane setup locations to minimise the impact on the carpark.

Premier's team used a range of shackles to accommodate the different lifting lugs and arranged NDT testing to certify the lugs to Australian Standards.

This allowed the project to move forward smoothly and efficiently.

ACHIEVING NEW HEIGHTS: Thanks to agile planning and expert coordination, Kapitol Group's time-sensitive generator installation was completed seamlessly.

This project highlights our commitment to excellence and adaptability, overcoming challenges to deliver the best results for our clients.