Tunnel Formwork, Dual Lifting Travellator

Tunnel Formwork, Dual Lifting Travellator

Project Summary

Client: Ardreagh Formwork

Location: South Portal

Crane: 2 x AT40 Frannas with Runner Hook

Project Overview

Tunnel Formwork, Dual Lifting Travellator

Ardeagh Formwork, a trusted partner in civil construction, turned to Premier Cranes for the installation of formwork required to support the insitu concrete beams within the new West Gate Tunnel's south portal.

The project was marked by its complexity, primarily due to the weight and positioning of the concrete beams.

To address these challenges, Premier was engaged to install four travellator modules as part of the temporary works.

Limited Headroom

Challenge: With limited headspace available, finding a way to attach hooks for lifting was a critical concern.

Solution: Premier Cranes employed the Terex runner jib attachments to attach the hook directly to the jib.

This innovative approach minimised hook headroom requirements, enabling efficient lifting operations.

Additionally, dual lifting was employed to further reduce headroom requirements while maintaining a safe 60-degree rigging angle.

Limited Width Installation Clearance

Challenge: The project site had limited width clearance for installation, making precise positioning a challenge.

Solution: Premier Cranes utilised string lines for the trail lift at the laydown location, ensuring better control over load alignment during installation.

Dual lifting also played a key role in achieving stability and precision during the installation process.

Complex Handling of Heavy and Overdimensional Load

Challenge: Complex handling of heavy and overdimensional loads.

Solution: Premier's planning team recommended offsetting the two legs of the chains during the lift to match the supporting rail incline.

This offsetting made it significantly easier to land the load, which would have otherwise been extremely challenging to fit above the curb.

Dual lifting was instrumental in providing added stability for this operation.

Ground on a 3-Degree Slope

Challenge: The project site had a 3-degree slope, making ground conditions less than ideal for lifting operations.

Solution: Premier's planning team designed a lift plan with the Franna set up facing upwards, ensuring better stability on the sloped ground.

The use of AT40, known for its capability in such ground conditions, further enhanced the project's success.

Sequence of Operations:
1. The module was set up on the laydown area by the client.
2. 40t Frannas arrived on site and were set up inside the barricaded area.
3. Crews prepared the runner hook for Premier's AT40.
4. Premier's 40t Franna, along with JYC's, completed the trail lift using string lines to verify clearance
5. The Frannas reversed close to the curb with the load on the hook and completed the final alignment under the guidance of a spotter to position the module for installation.

Premier Cranes' engineering excellence and meticulous planning were pivotal in overcoming the project-specific challenges.

Our innovative solutions, including dual lifting, runner hook, offsetting chains, and careful ground planning, ensured the successful installation of the formwork modules, highlighting Premier Cranes as a premier choice for complex construction projects.