Tower Crane Recovery

Project Summary

Client: Form 700

Location: Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD

Crane: Liebherr LTM1250-5.1 & Tadano ATF100G-4

Project Overview

Tower Crane Recovery

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Premier was contracted to dismantle the Tower Cranes at the West Side Place building complex located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Premier's 250t mobile crane lifted each crane tower section to the designated area for further dismantling using our 100t mobile crane before transporting the individual items offsite.

CHALLENGE: With the project taking place on Little Lonsdale Street, in the midst of a residential area with live traffic, work closures were necessary to ensure the tower crane was recovered safely. As a result, the works had to be completed within a tight timeframe to ensure minimal impact on local traffic, as well as compliance with council requirements and working hours.

One of the unknown factors in this project, was the 1960's retaining wall in the underground park, next to the new one with minimal information available regarding its strength. Working in areas with basements or retaining walls requires careful attention to ground-bearing pressures.

SOLUTION: Given the strict time frame to deliver the required results, Premier’s team focused on planning every aspect of the project with our clever in-house team of engineers.

To ensure the ground bearing pressure did not exceed engineering standards, Premier’s team used several large timber bogmats (5m x 1m) to set up the crane outriggers. Additionally, we applied sand to level the other end of the bog mats and distribute load pressure evenly.

Once the planning was complete, a prestart meeting was held the week prior to the scheduled works to ensure all stakeholders were in alignment across the scope of works.
From consultation, engineering, liaising with our client Multiplex, and finally setting up and delivering, our team's efforts and execution was been second to none. Premier successfully dismantled four of the largest tower cranes in Melbourne CBD without an issue.