Tower Crane Install

Project Summary

Client: Murrina Group / Lendlease

Location: Frankston Hospital

Crane: LTM1250 + MAC25 + Drop decks with Hurdles

Project Overview

Tower Crane Install

PROJECT OVERVIEW: In the March 2023 Featured Lift we are looking at a tower crane installation for Murrina Group (Lendlease) at the Frankston Hospital project. Premier’s trucks delivered the tower crane sections, which our crews unloaded with a 25t Franna (which was also used for auxiliary works) and then assembled onsite, before erecting and mounting the tower crane sections using Premier’s Liebherr 250t mobile crane.

CHALLENGE: One of the main requirements for the job involved meeting a range of safety measures and rigorous documentation set out by the client, which showcased Premier’s compliance capabilities across OH&S documentation as well as onsite safety.
Tower crane erection works require specific high-risk work licenses. All of Premier’s erection crew hold gold card accreditation and are highly trained and experienced in this type of work.

With truck deliveries happening around the clock to drop off tower crane sections over the course of two days, precision planning and execution were essential for efficiency of works and to deliver successful results for the client. The trucks were organised so that once they arrived at the hospital the sections could either be lifted directly into the installation location or assembled and then installed from the drop-off location.

SOLUTION: Premier overcame these challenges by planning the job in detail, as well as being well-resourced in equipment transport, engineering and operational planning.

Following the plan delivered by Premier’s engineering team to move the equipment from the client's yard to the hospital, these were the main steps involved in tower crane erection:

1. Mast assembly & installation | The vertical structure that supports the entire tower crane, composed of multiple sections stacked on top of each other.

2. Slew Mount assembly & installation | This is the component that allows the tower crane to rotate 360 degrees, and is located at the top of the mast.

3. Boom section assembly & installation | This is the horizontal arm of the crane that extends out from the mast and carries the load. It can be composed of multiple sections for greater reach.

Premier’s LTM 1250 was used for each of the above installations.

Continuous collaboration between our field crews, truck drivers and logistics department was crucial.