Top Deck Lift for Temporary Tower & Girder Support

Project Summary

Client: WGTP

Location: Footscray Road & Appleton Road

Crane: LTM 1450 - 8.1, 17.5M Luffing fly (luffer)

Project Overview

Top Deck Lift for Temporary Tower & Girder Support

We're excited to spotlight this month's standout lift, a testament to Premier Cranes' innovative spirit and engineering expertise within Victoria's infrastructure sector.

Our team, in collaboration with the esteemed West Gate Tunnel Project, successfully executed a meticulous lift of a 67-tonne top deck for a temporary tower, which will facilitate the safe installation of bridge girders over the elevated Footscray road.

Despite a well-laid plan, the site conditions and equipment posed unique challenges.

Our crane of choice, the Liebherr LTM 1450 - 8.1, was ideal for the specified 67-tonne load.

However, the presence of other structural elements and potential clashing of the luffing fly rope with acro props required detailed attention and strategy.

Additionally, accurate execution was paramount to fit within the constraints of a shutdown road timeframe.

Meanwhile, variations in the load weight surfaced during the testing process, prompting an immediate reassessment before proceeding with the lift execution.

Faced with new load specifications, our field and planning teams showcased their adaptability, devising an alternative rigging methodology that ensured a safe and level top deck lift.

Key to this solution was the inclusion of a luffing fly, added to the LTM 1450 - 8.1 mobile crane.

The introduction of a 17.5m TN luffing fly increased the rigging height, necessary due to lifting lug restrictions that mandated a minimum 60-degree rigging angle.

This extension provided the required headroom, accommodating the longer rigging setup.

Our teams' seamless communication, coordination and precision lifting were instrumental in averting a clash between the winch rope and the acro props.

This project serves as a testament to our ability to deliver in challenging conditions, reflecting the high standards that Victoria's major project decision-makers can consistently expect from us.

Stay tuned for next month's featured lift!