Timber Pedestrian Bridge Removal and Installation 

Project Summary

Client: Timber Restorations | Surf Coast Hire

Location: Lorne, VIC

Crane: LTM 1250 - 5.1 & MAC25

Project Overview

Timber Pedestrian Bridge Removal and Installation 

Premier Cranes & Rigging recently received the People's Choice Award for Lift of the Year under 20 tonnes at the esteemed CICA (Crane Industry Council of Australia) awards highlighting the teams capabilities and the remarkable success of this particular project.


Premier Cranes & Rigging was chosen by Timber Restorations, engaged by Surf Coast Shire, to provide haulage and lifting services for a timber pedestrian bridge project in Lorne, VIC. The project involved removing an old bridge and installing a new one in two sections, each weighing 6.54 tonnes using the LTM 1250 - 5.1 with 53t counterweight and a 25t Franna (MAC25) that was utilised to setup the bogmats for the Liebherr crane.


When Timber Restoration Services first approached Premier Cranes, they had concerns about the challenges associated with navigating a heavy lift crane on the heritage-listed Great Ocean Road and the need for a lifting partner with expertise in handling complex timber materials without causing damage to the load.

Navigating the Heritage-Listed Great Ocean Road: Premier's meticulous planning and the acquisition of a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) permit ensured the safe transportation of the crane. The use of certified pilot vehicles and local traffic management measures facilitated a smooth and secure journey.

Handling Delicate Timber Materials: Due to ambiguities surrounding the weight of the old bridge, in design Premier added 50% on the load weight to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

Underground Services & Proximity to Erskin River Banks: Geotechnical studies revealed underground services near the setup area. Combined with 8 metre proximity to the river banks the planning team was lead to using larger bogmats on the river side (3 x 2.4m) to support the ground bearing pressure through larger GBM distribution, therefore protecting underground services and strengthening crane stability on the river side.

Impact to Local Community: Proximity to live traffic required strong coordination with local traffic management to minimise disruption to a mere 15 minute road closure during the lift operation, ensuring everyone’s safety.

Low-hanging trees: Premier's engineers recommended adjusting the chains to 90 degrees instead of the typical 60 degrees. This change created additional headroom for the crane, therefore preventing any collision with nearby trees.

Setting up next to a fence:The team leveraged the crane's VarioBallast technology to avoiding clashing with the fence by slewing the counterweight above it. Moreover, we adjusted the outrigger extension on the fence's side, facilitating the crane's fit within the limited space while avoiding clashing with the fence during the slew movement


Preparation: Premier's dedicated planning team conducted site visits and used drawing software to create a detailed site plan.

Equipment: The project involved two cranes: a 250t Liebherr mobile crane and a 25t Franna (MAC25).

Transportation: The NHVR permit and pilot vehicles facilitated safe crane transportation on the Great Ocean Road.

On-Site Setup: Local traffic management guided the crane to the setup area, and engineered bogmats were used.

Rigging: Rigging chains were adjusted to 90 degrees for safety near low-hanging trees. Custom mats protected underground services.

Demolition and Installation: The old bridge was removed in two sections, and the new bridge sections were pre-slung at Premier's depot for efficient on-site installation.

Weather Monitoring: Given the site's proximity to the ocean, weather conditions were continuously monitored, and multiple taglines were used for air-load control.

Safety: Prestart briefings ensured everyone understood their roles and responsibilities, contributing to a safe and successful operation.

The precision of Premier’s execution was highlighted by a mere 0.6m difference between the centre of slew and the centre of the load.

Premier's excellence was affirmed with recognition of the People's Choice Award for Lift of the Year under 20 tonnes at the recent CICA awards, in addition to a 5-star rating from Surf Coast Shire Council on Google reviews.

Congratulations to the team involved
Planning: Arthur Jin, Engineering Manager & Sam Zhang, Project Manager
Lift Execution: Lindsey Gillis, Clint Kirkham, Jake Blair
Award Presentation: Travis Smith, Heavylift Superintendent

Surf Coast Hire Testimonial

Premier Cranes and Rigging were appointed to supply haulage to transport the bridges to site and a Liebherr 250t mobile crane to lift the new bridges into place. The crane was used to remove the existing bridge superstructure in Lorne in two spans, and lift the new bridge into place in two spans. The crane was also used to lift Moggs Creek bridge into place in one complete span.

Both bridge renewals were a complete success thanks to the expertise of Timber Restoration Services and Premier Cranes and Rigging. These new assets will serve the community for many years to come.

- Laura Milligan, Project Manager at Surf Coast Hire