Launching Gantry Frame Relocation

Project Summary

Client: CPBJH JV

Location: Footscray Road Elevated Road, West Gate Tunnel

Crane: 450t, 40t Franna

Project Overview

Launching Gantry Frame Relocation

In our exciting lift of the month, we take you behind the scenes of an intricate project lifts we recently conducted for CPBJH JV - involving the relocation of the supporting frame for the launching gantry at the Footscray elevated road.

Our task was to navigate the careful repositioning the launching gantry support assembly in parallel with the ongoing overhead road construction.

For this, we utilised our 450t mobile crane and the versatile 40t Franna. Two of our powerhouses that perfectly combine strength and precision in the crane industry.

Originally, we planned to set up the 450t crane outside the construction site and lift over Footscray Rd.

However, evolving traffic management conditions and the pace of construction led us to adapt our approach, deciding to position the crane snugly between the twin bridges under construction, thereby keeping the traffic flow uninterrupted.

One major hurdle was the constricted clearance for the crane to manoeuvre the load.

With overhead roads towering 14m above ground level and parallel to each other, separated by a mere 2.4m gap, and the launching gantry resting 2.1m above the road under construction, our mission was both unique and challenging.

Setting up and operating the 450t crane between these structures demanded precision with a strong focus on safety - a task we were more than ready to tackle.

Adding to the complexity, our execution was on a critical pathway for the project, highlighting the importance of timely completion.

Addressing the complexities, our experienced Engineering team created a detailed 3D model, incorporating the design and built drawings, to outline a potential crane setup location and lift path.

We also engaged our Crane Crew and Site Surveyor for comprehensive feasibility assessments of the lift design.

During the actual lift, our crew seamlessly coordinated with the launching gantry team, who were making adjustments in real time above the crane operations.

Our vigilant Riggers kept a keen eye on all movements, maintaining constant communication with surrounding teams, thus ensuring the safety and accuracy of the lift execution.

Our commitment to adaptability, teamwork, and the seamless execution of this project truly exemplifies Premier Crane's capabilities.

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