Cladding Frame

Cladding Frame on Bridge

Project Summary

Client: Ausgroup Alliance

Location: CD bridge, adjacent to 375 Police road, Mulgrave

Crane: 40T Terex Demag, 20T Bubble Crane, 20T Franna

Project Overview

Cladding Frame on Bridge

CHALLENGES: Complex load shape, missing lifting points and tight engineering tolerances for installation. With ¾ of the cladding already attached to the steel frame, it gave the Premier Programming team minimal ‘wind speed allowance’ at the time of installation. Moreover, the installation spot of the bridge corners required millimeter precision to tackle certain space constraints. Site conditions such as restricted access area also added to the challenges of the project.

SOLUTIONS: Due to its complex nature, this lift plan was only made possible through the collaboration of Premiers' in-house Planning & Programming teams. Starting from establishing the scope of deliverables, the engineering teams moved onto identifying the risks and mitigation methods. The lift plan was developed based on complex engineering calculations such as the parallel axis theorem that helped calculate the center of gravity of each cladding module. Due to the lack of lifting points on the load, we used specialist rigging equipment otherwise known as a “vacuum lifter”. Thanks to our capable field crew of riggers & operators the lifts were carried out successfully ensuring client satisfaction.