95t Bridge Girder Lift & Installation

Project Summary

Client: WGTP

Location: 430 Footscray Road, Between City Link Bridge and V/Line Rail Track

Crane: LR1350

Project Overview

95t Bridge Girder Lift & Installation

Premier Cranes was contracted to perform an intricate lift operation at 420 Footscray Road, situated between two City Link Bridges and the V/Line Rail Tracks.

The scope involved lifting two 95t bridge girders in between the two existing bridges.
The lifts had to be completed within a time-sensitive window according to the project schedule and road closure schedule, adding to the challenging aspects of the operation.

We employed our Liebherr LR1350, advanced engineered crawler crane for this demanding assignment as it has the versatility and manoeuvrability for the task.

The primary challenge was the limited set up and lifting space, nestled between existing structures - twin bridges.

The close proximity of the rail tracks also posed a constraint as it meant setting up the crane further away and picking up the load from behind rather than transporting it closer to the installation location.
Moreover, the significant weight of the girder necessitated an elevated level of planning and precise engineering.

As most large-scale projects are time-sensitive, it meant working within a limited road closure window.
Adding to this, there was uncertainty surrounding centre of gravity as well as the necessity for mid-air splicing.

In response to these challenges, Premier Cranes adopted a systematic and innovative approach.

We requested the client conduct a thorough site survey to confirm the exact locations for bridge and crane setup.

In order to develop a detailed lift plan and conduct a clash check, we leveraged 3D modelling - This allowed us to develop a detailed mobilisation and assembly plan for the LR1350, ensuring it could lift between the bridges without interference from any surrounding public services.

Furthermore, synch hoists are designed to complete minor rigging adjustment, effectively managing the challenge posed by restricted tolerance and mid-air splicing.

The choice of the LR1350 crawler crane with an adjustable superlift ballast that can go from 9m to 15m, was instrumental in tackling the issue of limited space.

Thanks to these unique capabilities, the LR1350 was indeed the “best solution” for this particular lift.

Through close collaboration with the client's project team, we allocated necessary resources and implemented robust control measures.

This collaborative effort ensured the safe and efficient completion of the challenging lift operation.

Premier Cranes' commitment to innovative solutions, advanced technology, and collaborative partnerships delivered exceptional results that exceed client expectations.