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80t Tadano Faun – All Terrain Crane

The Tadano Faun ATF80-4 finds itself operating in a category in between the 55t cranes and the 100t cranes.

A highly effective crane, able to punch above its capacity in areas, this crane merely requires a single tray truck to deliver counterweight, thus allowing it to effectively up its working radius and lift anything in its path.

Cost effective when erecting precast panels, erects structural steel and lift roof sheets from one setup at great radius. With 48.5m of main boom plus 16m fly can reach and pluck at great height.

Telescopic main boom length 48.5 metres

  • Wrap around fly: 9m to 16m
  • Length: 12.690m
  • Width: 2.740m
  • Height: 3.745m
  • Outrigger footprint: 8.590m x 7.2m
  • Counterweight: 0t to 18t

Max tip height: 68m

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