60t Tadano GT 600 EX

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60t Tadano – 60T All Terrain Crane

Length: 11.1m

Width: 3.0m

Height: 3.75m

Outrigger footprint: 6.13m x 7.0m

Max tip height: 58m

Available for hire across Melbourne, The Tadano GT 600 EX Crane is the benchmark for mobile crane hire in Melbourne.

With all wheel drive and rear wheel steer, its ability to access even the narrowest site and deliver amazing results with its long main boom. In tough situations it leaves truck cranes in its wake. Has an outstanding load chart, can lift and rotates precast panels, erects structural steel at great radius, and completes general crane hire with ease, it is hard to go past the 60t Tadano GT 600 EX Crane.

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