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3t Maeda Spider Crawler Crane

The baby crane of the fleet, but don’t be put off, the 3t Maeda Crawler Crane is able to access even the tightest of sites making it a valuable crane to have on the team.

Whether it’s working on suspended slabs, rooftops, indoors, workshops, plant rooms, or in areas totally out of radius of the big cranes. The 3t Maeda crane gets in and does the lifting other cranes cannot. The surprise package of the fleet.

Telescopic main boom length 12.49 metres

Carrier Dimensions

  • Length: 4.115m
  • Width: 1.28m
  • Height: 1.695m
  • Outrigger footprint: 4.88m x 4.5m
  • Max tip: 12m

Technical Documents

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