20t franna cranes

20 Tonne Franna Crane Hire

20t Terex Franna AT20 Cranes – Fleet of 20 Tonne Pick & Carry Cranes

Length: 9.75m

Width: 2.5m

Height: 3.1m

Outrigger footprint: Front Wheel Track 2.5m

Max tip height: 18.0m

The smaller brother to MAC25, the Terex Franna AT20 has all the same fundamentals just in a smaller package and is available to hire across Melbourne and Victoria. Features include a slightly shorter jib of 17.9m, with the 3rd section being a manual extension allowing for . With the correct planning, the AT20 Pick & Carry Crane will assist in any condition and is ideal for tight spaces and/or restrictive job sites.

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