20t franna cranes

20 Tonne Franna Crane Hire

20t Terex Franna AT20 Cranes – Fleet of 20 Tonne Pick & Carry Cranes

Length Width Height Outrigger footprint Max tip height
9.75m 2.5m 3.1m Front Wheel Track 2.5m 18.0m

The smaller brother to MAC25, the AT20 has all the same fundamentals just in a smaller package. The 20T Franna is compact with exceptional load capabilities, featuring adjustable wear pads and boom structure that provides enhanced safety and the ability to handle all sorts of terrain.

With the slightly shorter jib of 17.9m and the 3rd section being a manual extension, the AT20 Pick & Carry Crane; along with our dedicated Premier crew, will assist in any condition and is ideal for tight spaces and/or restrictive job sites.

Available to hire across Melbourne and surrounding areas, Premier Cranes currently have a large fleet of AT20 Frannas to suit your needs.


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