Structural Steel Installation

Project Summary

Client: MakMax Australia

Location: Berwick Bowls Club, Edwin Flack Reserve, Manuka Rd

Crane: LTM 1200

Project Overview

Structural Steel Installation

CHALLENGE: The bowling green field is preserved, therefore no cranes, trucks or people were allowed to move over it which created challenges for crane reach as well as installation. The single side access to the dome structure of 43 x 43m added to the reach challenges. Additionally the designated crane set up location was on a slope, which at the time was not suitable for crane set-up. Because the client was based in Brisbane there were also some difficulties in communication around site conditions. Lastly, local council regulations had to be taken into account.

SOLUTION: Premier collaboratively worked with the client by explaining the site conditions and lift plan via video call. Due to the tight access area, Premiers planning team of expert engineers commissioned a geotechnical investigation to verify the travel path for EWP around the grass area. Another geotechnical investigation was commissioned to comeb up with the right crane hard stand location and requirements due to the slope. In combination with selecting a crane with a longer boom due to the reach requirements and the right team of leading hand riggers and crane operators, the structural steel installation was carried out successfully!