North East Link

Project Summary

Client: Bothar Boring & Tunnelling

Location: Melbourne

Crane: Liebherr LTM 1250-5.1

Project Overview

North East Link

CHALLENGE: Relocating more than 34 kilometres of communications, gas, power, water, and sewerage pipes and drains and over 96 other utilities to make way for North East Link. More specifically, relocate the North East Link (YEMS) line, which runs below Bulleen Road and services thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The line intersects with North East Link at a number of points, so it needs to be moved to make way for North East Link.

OUTCOMES: Premier proved their expertise by setting up large cranes within their compound, erecting gantries, and placing establishment components in desired locations right in front of the Southern Cross Station. When the site team was ready, they carefully lifted the TBMs into the ground, all the while helping with traffic management and minding the existing overhead and underground services in and around the area.