Next DC West Footscray

Project Summary

Client: Kapitol Group

Location: West Footscray

Crane: Liebherr LR1350/1

Project Overview

Next DC West Footscray

CHALLENGE: Site abutment around the building and the powerlines on the adjacent street, restrict the designated area for crane setup and logistic site access. The precast beams have an enormous weight, 67 tonnes, and they require complex rigging arrangements to suit the design requirements. Moreover, the site has limited ground bearing capacity due to underground services.

OUTCOMES: Adding a superlift helps increase the crane lifting capacity at a longer distance. The superlift also takes the pressure off the ground bearing. Additionally, it allows easier access for trucks to deliver the precast beams. Because the superlift can be moved between 13-15 metres around the crane, it provides more flexibility to suit the restricted access.