Large Temporary Brace Trough Beams

Project Summary

Client: John Holland

Location: Yarraville, Melbourne

Crane: Liebherr LTM1250-5.1 crane

Project Overview

Large Temporary Brace Trough Beams

CHALLENGES: At short notice a massive fabricated beam was lifted for a tier-one client. Pre-determined setup constraints and wide radius operations. This beam will eventually be installed into a position to offer structural support for a 500-tonne gantry. Premier’s onsite team collaborated with our client to plan thoroughly, then carefully placed the beam in its temporary location.

OUTCOMES: Enter the LTM1250 Lifting Solution. Works completed! Temporary Brace Trough Beams, for ensuing Gantry Crane Steel. 14-tonne members lifted, and slewed into calculated position at 30+ metres whilst maintaining the strictly obeyed maximum 75% Crane Capacity. The attention to efficiency Is attributed to good planning in a short time window.