30t Grillage Lift Installation

30t Grillage Lift Installation

Project Summary

Client: Mirvac

Location: Siddeley Street, Docklands (Flinders West)

Crane: LTM1450 8.1

Project Overview

30t Grillage Lift Installation

Premier was engaged by Mirvac to lift and install a 30t steel grillage, designed by the client, before erecting a tower crane over it for Form 700.

A grillage is a heavy frame that forms a foundation in challenging ground conditions. It is often used to allow for access and therefore, minimise impact to local foot or road traffic.

This was part of Mirvac’s 1 billion dollar commercial site at Melbourne’s Northbank, which included both commercial and residential spaces.


Challenge #1 - Confined Crane Setup At An Urban Location
The project began with setting up a heavy lift crane in the constrained space of Siddley Street, presenting logistical challenges for both crane setup and local traffic disruption.

Premier’s #1 Solution
Utilising 3D modelling and thorough site inspections, Premier ensured safe and efficient crane setup. Traffic management controls were also in place to allow for access to a busy driveway access to local shops.

Challenge #2 - Complex Outrigger Setup
The crane's diagonal setup on the street necessitated placing one outrigger on a culvert, leaving only a meter's clearance for one of the bogmats between the building and the culvert.

Premier’s #2 Solution
Premier used three 4.6 x 2.1m bogmats and tackled the culvert challenge with a smaller 1 x 5m Ekki Timber Bogmat, topped with a 3 x 0.7m bogmat, ensuring crane stability in the tight space. They also recommended engaging a geotechnician ahead of the lift to confirm safety.
Outriggers were adjusted to fit within the driveway space.

Additionally, they adjusted the outriggers to half-extend on one side, fitting within the driveway space effectively. A testament to Premier’s capabilities in overcoming complex challenges in urban construction sites.

Challenge #3: Limited Slew Radius
An existing nearby building structure, located on the opposite side of the complex outrigger setup that was discussed earlier, was limiting the LTM1450’s slew radius.

Premiers #3 Solution
The team leveraged the VarioBallast & Vario Base technology to adjust the crane’s counterweight radius as it slewed, to avoid collision with the adjacent building.

Challenge #4 - Unequalised Steel Grillage
During the testing phase, the engineering team discovered that the loads centre of gravity was slightly off centre.

Premier’s #4 Solution
Premier’s elaborate lift plan, detailed the rigging configuration to ensure the load was lifted in a level position. This involved using chains, 2 x equalising triangles, and a telescopic spreader bar.

Challenge #5 - Project Logistics and Timing
The project required detailed logistical coordination to meet tight deadlines.

Premier’s #5 Solution
The planning team devised a schedule for logistical movements, aligning with site requirements and maintaining tight management to avoid disrupting other contractors that were onsite.

Premier Crane's handling of the grillage installation at Melbourne's Northbank site demonstrates their capabilities in managing complex lifting operations in urban construction environments. Their approach to overcoming the site challenges highlights their industry expertise and their capacity to contribute effectively to commercial construction projects #TeamLifting