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Erecting & Dismantling Tower Cranes

With a team of specialist Gold Class riggers, Premier Cranes & Rigging have the equipment and personnel to erect and dismantle both luffing and hammer-head tower cranes.

During the erection or dismantling of tower cranes, Premier Cranes & Rigging ensures these factors are always taken into consideration:

  • Site needs
  • Daylight hours
  • Weather conditions
  • Strict timeframes

Erecting, climbing and dismantling tower cranes is a potentially hazardous process. In addition to assembling the manpower and resources to correctly perform the task without damaging equipment, Premier Cranes and Rigging adheres to Safe Work guidelines to ensure that each step of the process is completed as safely as possible.

As recognised industry professionals, our team works to ensure that climbs are completed in a safe and timely manner. All of our riggers hold high-risk work licenses, and our tower cranes undergo a rigorous inspection and maintenance program that includes CICA-certified daily, routine, and annual inspections.

Call the Premier Cranes & Rigging Operations team on 0488 388 588 to chat with us about your requirements or visit our contact page.

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