Western Roads Upgrade Project

The Western Roads Upgrade will improve 8 main roads across the West of Melbourne. Including the repair and resurface 37 roads and strengthen seven structures, mostly bridges.

The project has many benefits for growing communities in the western suburbs. It will:

  • make it quicker, easier and safer for all road users
  • give local businesses opportunities for growth by improving priority truck routes
  • improve access to jobs
  • improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians with more than 50 kms of walking and cycling paths, including three new overpasses along the Federation Trail.

The local community will notice smoother surfaces and a more comfortable commute. Melbourne’s population continues to grow more than any other capital city, with 60% of that growth happening in our outer suburbs.This upgrade will prepare your local area for its growing population and increased demands on our road network.

In a recent lift, steel traffic barriers needed to be installed for our client within a tight time frame. Also operating at night to cause minimal disruption to the public, whilst the works are being completed for the Western Roads Upgrade. Our 25t Franna Cranes and Crews set out to work safely and efficiently and carry out the planned sequence of lifts of the steel barriers within the time allocated. Opening up work fronts to the Client away from live traffic.

This is another great example of our TeamLifting approach – demonstrating our behaviours of: transparency, respect, candour and a “can-do-attitude” now count more than ever. These behaviours have evolved to become our greatest strength during this time of uncertainty.