Safe and Compliant Crane Hire Services

Operating cranes is complex and dangerous. All workers must have the necessary skills and capabilities to do it safely. Premier Cranes & Rigging has an exemplary safety record and safety culture driven from the top down and ground up. Our culture is driven by one tag – #TeamLifting and our behaviours of: transparency, respect, candour and a “can-do-attitude” now count more than ever. These behaviours have evolved to become our greatest strength during this time of uncertainty where safety is our most important priority.

All of our cranes are routinely serviced to meet and exceed OEM, CICA- certified industry standards and safety regulations. At Premier Cranes & Rigging, we pride ourselves in being a highly experienced team of professionals that ensure all of our equipment is kept to the highest standard of safety at all times.

Each year our cranes undergo strict testing to ensure for maximum safety and security. Along with a history of safe and successful projects, we consider ourselves one of the safest mobile crane hire companies in Australia. Check out our past projects for a thorough understanding of how important safety is to us.

Some of the risks when using a crane include:

  • structural failure, overturning, or collapse of the crane
  • contact or collision of the crane or its load with people or other plant and structures
  • falling objects

These potential risks can be managed by following a systematic process of:

  • Identifying hazards—find out what could go wrong and what could cause harm.
  • Assessing risks if necessary—understand the nature of the harm each hazard could cause, how serious the harm could be and the likelihood of it happening.
  • Controlling risks—implement the most effective control measures that are reasonably practicable in the circumstances.
  • Reviewing control measures to ensure they are working as planned.

A risk assessment can help you determine what action you should take to control the risk and how urgently the action needs to be taken. At Premier Cranes & Rigging, we’re best known for finding solutions for our clients with a clear focus on engineering, compliance and exceptional service. The Premier team are committed to delivering safe, consistent and reliable lifting services during this challenging period – aiming to do our best by our clients, people and the wider community.