Mobile Cranes vs Tower Cranes

Mobile Cranes Save You Time & Money

Quite often project managers will have to weigh up their options when it comes to the type of crane to hire for their project. Whilst there are projects where the decision is obvious due to project specifications many projects may actually be satisfactorily supported by using a mobile crane, saving time and money. Before electing to select a tower crane over a mobile crane we recommend taking the following considerations into account.


Whilst there are benefits to both mobile and fixed tower cranes the latter is far more limited once it’s installed. Whereas a mobile crane, coming in various types and sizes, can be a simple setup from having a telescopic boom attached to a platform right through to a more complex rig equipped with multiple attachments.

Having mobility and flexibility at your fingertips allows for easy navigation around multiple obstructions which is a common occurrence in urban developments. A mobile crane can also access narrow passages and can enter sites where there is limited access with relative ease. On the other hand, a fixed crane has a limited amount of settings in which they can be practically set up.

Easy Setup

The setup for a mobile crane is much less intensive than that of a tower crane. The construction of a tower crane can easily run into days whereas a mobile crane setup is extremely quick. It goes without saying that the cost savings from electing to go with a mobile crane can be considerable when factoring in fixed crane setup costs. This is a clear benefit that a fixed crane will not afford a project manager

Reduced Footprint

Without question, a mobile crane will require a lot less site space than that of a fixed crane. In urban environments where space is at a premium it isn’t practical to operate a tower crane due to the limited working space. Therefore any job where a mobile crane could perform the same tasks as that of a fixed crane and you want to maximise your working space then a mobile crane is the way to go.

Uncompromised Strength

Despite being smaller in stature than a tower crane, mobile cranes still pack a punch and have all the grunt to perform similar lifting requirements. Equipped with heavy duty axles and hydraulically operated, mobile cranes have all the power needed to lift heavy materials efficiently.

Less Downtime

Not only do you save on the downtime with reduced setup times, in circumstances where there is a breakdown, it can take considerable time to repair a tower crane. This can bring an entire project to a halt, costing the project money. Alternatively, a mobile crane breakdown is quickly resolved by swapping out the affected crane for a fully operational mobile crane.

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